scenarios for lasalle

This Section is devoted to Scenarios developed for the Sam Mustafa's tactical ruleset Lasalle. Some of these Scenarios have been previoulsy played with my down-sized Napoleon's Battles versions, Divisional and one-half NB, but others are designed specifically for that set (or will be, I hope!).

At the right-hand menu the Scenarios appear in th chronological order they were fought. In all the cases a Scenario pdf file is provided. To ease the navigation, the Scenarios also appear below in the chronological order of the real battles.

1811   1811
  Gévora     Barrosa/Chiclana
1813   1813
  Hagelberg     Zahna
  Duben     Connewitz
  Sellerhausen     Wiederitzsch
  Dresden     Altenburg
  Wethau     Raguhn
  Pirna     Grunberg
  Bunzlau     Pitschenberg
  Thiessen     Dessau
1814   1815
          Le Bois de Paris