personalities i (french)

Throughout the years, I have painted some important military personages of the Napoleonic Wars, for using in the recreation of battles with Napoleon' s Battles. Some of them are commercial figures representing a given personage, whereas others are home-made conversions, depicting specific or generic personages that can play several roles according to the scenario.
I display below some of the French. The list is open, so there will be new incorporations

Napoleon Home-made conversion built from scratch (1990s)
Prince Murat HaT 8001 - 1805 Napoleonic French Mamelukes
Esci 235 - French Cuirassiers
Revell 02576 - French Mounted Guard Chasseurs
Joseph (Bonaparte) I
 King of Spain
Zvezda 8030 - French Imperial Old Guard
Italeri 6016 - French Imperial General Staff
Marshal Ney Italeri 6016 - French Imperial General Staff
Marshall Jourdan Italeri 6037 - Austrian and Russian Allied General Staff
General Montbrun
Light cavalry General
Italeri 6016 - French Imperial General Staff
General Nansouty
Heavy cavalry General
Airfix 01736 - Waterloo French Cavalry (Cuirassiers)
Esci 235
- French Cuirassiers

Allied personalities