Here is a list (non-exhaustive) of some links related to the hobby that I regularly visit.
The latest incorporations are highlighted in red

This page is always un-finished, so watch it!


Actualized 30/01/2014

Personal and Wargaming sites   Wargaming blogs
La web de Propugnator/Oxidao   My own blog!
Napoleon 200   La campaña de Africa
Bob Mackenzie's page   The Waterloo campaign in miniature
Befreiungskriege 1813-14   Napoleonic Wargames Project
Balagan. Military History and Wargaming   Adventures with gun, sabre and horse
Battle of Waterloo,   Emperor vs. Elector
 Wargame Project    
Fat Wally's web-site   General de Brigade
Mondo 72   Will's Wargamer blog
    The Battlegames blog
    Murdock's Marauders
    The Wargaming depot
    Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures
    Making miniatures
Cyberboard home page    
Limey Yank Games   Napoleonic Rules
Yanquee Air Pirates   Grande Armée
    Volley and Bayonet
    Age of Eagles
E-zines   Le feu sacré
The gamers closet   Serrez les rangs
Warning order   Shako
Wargames: Painting and Modelling   General de brigade
Wargames Journal   Lasalle
The Games Journal   Song of Drums and Shakos
The Nugget   Free Wargames Rules
Wargames Journal    
Wargames Illustrated   General on Napoleonics
    Soldats de la Grande Armee
    Napoleon Series
General   Batalla de los Arapiles
The miniatures page
Military Miniatures Magazine   Guerra de la Independencia
Miniature zone   Napoleon on line
    Napoleon 1er
Groups   La Martinien tables (in italian)
Yahoo Groups   Association Belge Napoleonienne
Napoleon' Battles   The Napoleonic Historical Society
20mm-Miniatures   Asociación Napoleónica Española
Cyberboard   Leuthen Journal
DBLCHM   Napoleon
Grande Armee   Napoleonic Association
Age of Eagles   Bicentenario de la Guerra Peninsular
Napoleonic Wargaming   Central Eur. Napoleonic Soc
Solo Wargaming   Guerra de la  Independencia española
Volley and Bayonet   Guerra de la Independencia
Terrain Maker   Nafziger OOB's
    All the Nafziger Collection
Figures   Battle of Waterloo
Calpe Miniatures    
Outland Games   Board Games
Newline Designs   ConSim World
Kennington Miniatures   OSG (Napoleon games)
Schilling Figuren   Web Grognards
HAT Industrie   Cyberboard
Plastic Soldier Review   Limey Yank Games
Deep Fried Happy Mice    
WARMODELLING   Napoleonic Forums
Italeri   ConSim World
Strelets   OSG Forum
Art Miniaturen   Napoleon Series Forum
Plastic Toys Soldiers Sets And Figures   Hat Forum
Plasticrush   ALKAID FORUM
Franznap Miniatures   Les Amis du Patrimoine Napoléonien
On line shopping   Magazines
Hobbies Guinea   Lone Warrior
Campaign Game Miniatures   First Empire
Magister Militum   Wargames. Soldados y Estrategia
Le livre chez vous   Battlegames
KF 1/72 Figuren & Zubehör   Ristre Napoleónico
Book shops (Internet)   Napoleon's Battles
Elibron   Napoleon's Battles IV official site
Libros Reyes   Napoleon's Battles Yahoo group
Casa del libro   CSGA NB site   Luridoteca (in Italian)
Green Hill books   Wargames (Cape Town)
Ken Trotman    
Caliver books    
Osprey Publishing   Web rings
Almena Librería Editorial   Historical Miniatures Wargames Ring
George Nafziger   Scale model
    Napoleonic Wars
Solo gaming    
The Solo Wargaming Show   Painting
Lone Warrior   Quindia Studios
Berthier Software   Benno's Figures
    Soldatini on line
Fortifications   Miniatuurwereldr
Civil War field fortifications   Falcata de Villar
Association Vauban   Phil's War Cabinet
Fortified places   FIGUREN & ZUBEHÖR
Donjon RPG Generator   Andrew's Wargaming page
    Toy Soldiers
TM Terrain   Uniformology (and more)
Battlefield Terrain Concepts   Napoleon wiki (German)
Gidian Gelände   Anne S. K. Brown Millitary Collection
Paper terrain   Les uniforms pendant les cent jours
Ultimate table top terrain   Histoire et Figurines
Game-Terrain Info
Wargame Innovations
Miniature Building Authority   Preussische Militargeschichte
    Compagnie d'elite
Clubs   Mark Conrad's Russian page
Edinburgh Wargames   Osterreichische Militargeschichte
League of Ausburg   Knötel
Club Estandarte   Historex
Asociación Madrileña de Simulación   Ancar post-L'armee imperiale
A.C.M.H. Alabarda   Uniformologia (Italian page)
Napoleonic Miniatures WS Toronto   Belgique 1815
Asociación Miniaturista Militar 2 de mayo   Funcken on-line
Asoc. Histórico Cultural Salamanca 1812   NYPL Digital Gallery
    French and Russian uniforms (Alexander Mikaberidze)
    Uniformes españoles
    Frederic Berjaud
    The Austrian Army
    The Prussian Army
Dioramas   Uniformen-Portal
Croebern 1813   Mapas
How to make a diorama (Tutorial)   Atlas to Allison's History
Mi Waterloo   Atlas to Siborne's History
Miniature Waterloo   3rd Military Survey of Austria-Hungary
Geschichte in Miniaturen   ICC Mapes de Catalunya i Europa
    Germany in 1812
Flags   Carta mil. principaes estradas Portugal
Vexillologie militaire
Warflag   Perry Castañeda
Napflag   Emerson Kent
Russian Flags   Westfaelische-geschichte
    Belgium Ferraris map
Videos   Europa Campaign Maps
thekamloopian   Digitales Archiv Marburg
thebige61   French Army (Bellangé)
Museo de miniaturas Ciudadela de Jaca   Software
Museo L'iber   John Tiller's Software