zahna (september 4,1813)

The plans of the generals
Prussian Plan  French  Plan
(1) To occupy the farm outflanking the  French attacks (2) To occupy Zalsmdorff and wait in two lines with the cavalry deployed in the left flank. (1) To mask the farm with  one brigade  (2) To deliver a frontal attack against  Zalsmdorff and the first line breaking through the Prussian center (3) The cavalry to watch the Prussian cavalry (4) The Bavarians maintained in reserve.
The battle followed almost at letter the French plans. The flanking Prussian was destroyed and Zalsmdorff was occupied, whereas the Prussian cavalry maintained its ground. However the battle was a costly affaire becasue of the forntal attacks needed to disolodge the Prussians of their positions.
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The first moments
The cavalry combats
The first attacks in the center and the farm
The fight in the center
The last combats and the Prussian retreat

French losses
Infantry: 5 battalions
Cavalry: none
Artillery: 4 guns
Generals Brun, Pachtod and Beaumont were wounded.

Prussian losses
Infantry: 8 battalions
Cavalry: 8 squadrons
Artillery: 6 guns

Zalsmdorff ended in French hands, the Prussian losses were almost twice the sufferend by the French but the Prussians left the field almost un-molested.

In the 'Pursuit an Victory' check: The French had 7 bases of 'Pursuit' cavalry left, i.e. seven points. The Prussians had 9 'Pursuit' cavalry bases left and 5 'other cavalry' units remaining, i.e. fourteen points. The Prussian cavalry covered efectively the retreat, so the French achieved a  MARGINAL VICTORY


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