hagelberg (august 27,1813)

The plans of the generals
Prussian plan French Plan
Prussian Plan  French  Plan
(1) The flanking force exits from the woods (2) the main thrust in the center (3) the Cossacks finishes the retiring French The French brigades and the cavalry to protect the retreat of the baggage train.
The battle was a French running retreat to avoid the lose of their baggage train. It can be divided in three almost independent sectors corresponding, respectively, to the French left, centre-right and right flanks. The first two were infantry-only affaires, whereas the third was a long cavalry combat.
The French won clearly in the first sector, were routed in the centre-right and won (very just) in the right flank.
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The left flank
The right-centre sector
The cavalry battle

French losses
Infantry: 6 batallions
Cavalry: none
Artillery: none

Prussian losses
Infantry: 4 batallions
Cavalry: 1 squadron
Artillery: none

In the turn 26, the French reached their Morale breakpoint and they donīt passed the Army Morale check so the battle is finished.
The Sennegon's Brigade has been destroyed with only one batallion left (3/24th Legere). However, Girard, the French C-i-C, was able to extricate the Baville's brigade (only losing one batallion) and all the artillery and baggage train.
The French cavalry has fought a contested confrontation with the Landwehr cavalry, achieving a pyrric victory: they were at last encircled by the enemy with their only escape way through the town of Hagelberg... and the Prussian infantry pouring in by the other side!
On the other side, the Prussian losses have been lighter: 4 infantry batallions and one cavalry detachment.

In the 'Pursuit an Victory' check: The French had 3 Hussars and 1 Chasseur bases of 'Pursuit' cavalry left, i.e. four points. The Allied had 12 Cossacks ('Pursuit' cavary) bases left and 4 'other cavalry' units remaining, i.e. sixteen points. The Allied (winner) has higher score, so it will pursuit the routed French, and the Prussians have achieved a DECISIVE VICTORY




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